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The Oddonetto's The Minor's The Nunn's
Pete November 29th Ed June 25th Bill August 27th
Billo February 15th Fran January 22nd Irma March 29th
Karen June 7th Karen June 7th Billie December 16th
Heather November 8th Dennis July 13th Jimmie March 18th
David September 7th Kathy January 2nd Jerry March 12th
Charlotte August 17th Tim February 10th Steve April 29th
Erica February 12th Nicole May 13th Terri December 20th
Mike June 29th Erin May 12th Alex May 27th
Tayler January 30th Matt April 29th Eric May 23rd
Camryn February 8th Josh November 29th Mike December 4th
Dianne December 15th David October 2nd Kathie March 19th
Bill M February 9th Tom July 23rd Tyler August 27th
Summer April 16th Sally September 22nd Chris January 17th
Brianna January 15th Monica December 16th Austin March 30th
Allys May 26th Maria April 16th Jacob December 29th
Peter February 1st Nancy January 8th Elayne May 15th
Cinder April 18th Jesika June 22nd Trevor July 2nd
David August 18th Rebecca November 22nd
Joseph April 16th Robert July 23rd
John October 23rd Jane July 28th
Mary November 15th Maureen October 27th
Johnny May 21st Zach June 26th
Hope July 28th Molly June 7th
Thelma December 1st Dennis February 13th
Louise December 1st Sean August 22nd
Kyle May 18th
Julia January 1st

Bill July 22nd
Mary Beth May 28th
Brielle July 4th
Gracen March 15th

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