This page includes photos of my sister-in-law Molly,
her husband Dennis, and their children, Sean, Kyle & Julia.
Click on any image for a larger version.

Nancy & Molly Nancy & Molly
funnymol.jpg (17850 bytes) Molly at White Lake FunnySisters.jpg (27436 bytes) Minor Sister's Kazoo Band
Molly, Nancy,
Maureen & Karen
dennis.jpg (21116 bytes) Capt'n Dennis..... boatmol.jpg (21691 bytes) .....and 1st Mate Molly
MinorGirls.jpg (27572 bytes) The 5 Minor Sister's
Jane, Molly, Nancy,
Maureen & Karen
molly.jpg (27753 bytes) Molly relaxing at
White Lake
Molly & Julia Molly & Julia