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My other sites include...
Billo's Watch/Cam Dueling BilloCam Billo's Phone/Cam
Billo's Watch/Cam Dueling BilloCams Billo's Phone/Cam

Click here for a Live BilloCam Pop-up
A great collection of New & Vintage cigarette lighters.
TV Guide
What can I say?? It's TV Guide Online.
Send someone an old family photo in a postcard. Kinda cool!
Lava Lamps
The world wide web's penultimate list of links to all things Lava Lamp on the web.
PC Magazine
A great all-around computer reference site.
Stupid Videos
The best collection of "Stupid Videos" on the net... by far!
Flash Mountain
Female Flashers on Disneyland's Splash Mountain log ride
Naked Mole Rats
Kinda cute....kinda creepy. See for yourself.
FBI Most Wanted
The FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted List. Anybody you know?
Strange But True
Amaze your friends with totally useless facts.
USC Tommy Cam
For all my Trojan alumni friends. This cam's for you! One of the oldest WebCams on the Internet,
Windows Magazine
My favorite computer magazine. Cool site, too!
History's Tallest Man
Robert Wadlow was 8' 11". I remember reading about him when I was a child.
Digital Network Club
Live music and video performances every night from some of the best venues in the world.
Lady Liberty Fireworks
A cool java app that generates some spectacular fireworks.
Rectal Foreign Bodies
Things people put up their butts. Need I say more?
The Official PEZ Page
One of my favorite sites! I collect them, you know!
The JavaScript Source
Free Java Scripts. The best place on the net to get them.
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Take the virtual tour and check out the QuickTime VR views.
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
All you ever wanted to know about donuts, but were afraid to ask.
License Plates of the World
I don't know why I like this site.....I just do!
Center for the Easily Amused
Check out the "Sites That Do Stuff" & "Random Silliness" links.
Dave's Wonderful World of Yo-yo's
If you can't appreciate a site dedicated to Yo-yo's.....get outta here right now!

And finally...a couple of friends of mine, who are real computer maniacs,
have built their own web sites. What kind of a friend would I be if I didn't link them here? So-o-o-o.....
Blind Larry's Home Page : Blind Larry's WebCam : Dave's Web Site
You can check out some pictures of these guys here!

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