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Here are the specs for my Pentium-III 500MHz SCSI based computer.

Click here for a Live BilloCam Pop-up.

pulsar2.gif (2171 bytes)The Basics


Processor : Intel Pentium-III 500MHz with 512K Level 2 Cache
Memory : Crucial 384MB 100MHz SDRAM 3x128MB 168-Pin DIMMS
Motherboard : Intel Seattle 2 SE440BX2 with 100MHz System Bus
Operating System : Microsoft Windows '98
Mouse & Keyboard : Logitech Cordless Desktop with Digital Radio Technology
Case : Full Blown ATX Tower

pulsar2.gif (2171 bytes)Storage

Controller Card : Adaptec AHA-294OU2W Ultra SCSI-2 Wide
Hard Disk : IBM 9.1GB Ultra SCSI-3 Wide /Ultra 2 Capable
CD-ROM : Plextor 32x Ultra SCSI-2 Wide with 512K Buffer
CD-RW : Smart & Friendly CD Rocket Ultra SCSI-2 Wide 8x Write/20x Playback with 2MB Buffer
Removable Storage : Iomega Jaz Drive 2GB Internal Ultra SCSI-2 Wide
Removable Storage : Iomega Zip Drive 100MB Internal Ultra SCSI-2 Wide
Floppy : Sony 1.44MB MPF920

pulsar2.gif (2171 bytes)Audio

Sound Card : Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live!
Speakers : Cambridge SoundWorks DeskTop Theater v5.1 Dolby Digital (AC-3) Surround Sound

pulsar2.gif (2171 bytes)Video

Monitor : Hitachi 21" SuperScan 812-CM812U with 22dpi
Video Card 1 : AGP ATI All-in-Wonder Pro 128 with RAGE 128 technology and 16MB memory
Video Card 2 : AGP ATI Radeon VE with multi-display support and 32MB memory

pulsar2.gif (2171 bytes)Connectivity

Cable Modem : Two TeraJet 210TM
Modem : 3Com/US Robotics V.90 56Kx2 Voice/Data/Fax
Network Card : 3Com Fast EtherLink C3905B-TX 10/100 NIC
Network Hub : Netgear 4 Port FE104 10/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet Hub

     This computer was built 04/02/99.

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